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Interactive Touch Table

Interactive Touch Screen Table

The Interactive Touch Screen Table is a complete multi touch, collaborative interactive surface solution that. integrates the latest touch screen technology into a table. Our Touch Screen Tables can be built to ship flat in a case and re-assembled in minutes making Elpro Technologies the only company in the world to build mobile touch tables that still function better than most while looking amazing at the same time. Touchscreen tables are the answer for anyone looking to have the best product available on the market to showcase their products and services.

Our Interactive Touch Tables is the Standard and custom designed multi-touch tables and furniture. Our new range of multi-touch tables and furniture utilities technology, offering 10 touch points and the most responsive and sensitive surface for 24/7 applications. A number of standard products are available and we can custom design both tables and furniture to meet with a customer’s specific requirements.

    Smart Interactive Table

    Smart Interactive Table is to Transform the way you introduce your customers to your products or service with the ultimate in sales presentation technology. Delivering memorable visual pitches is made easy with our interactive touch tables, serving as the perfect platform to impress your customers and outperform the competition. We are always looking for new and exciting uses of our technology, working with our customers to see how we can adapt our products to best suit your needs.

    We offer a number of standard products in our Smart Interactive Touch Table range, we can also custom design both tables and furniture to meet with a customer’s specific requirements. Smart Interactive Table works with a variety of clients across a wide range of market sectors, including but not limited to designers, architects, space planners, merchandisers and retailers. We are always looking for new and exciting uses of our technology, working with our customers to see how we can adapt our products to best suit your needs.

      Multi Touch Table

      Multi Touch Table Create a memorable experience for students, hotel and restaurant patrons, or trade show attendees with customized touch screen tables. Our touch screen tables come in a variety of sizes and software packages to meet your needs. These multi touch tables can be built into new table kits or installed into existing ones. We can customize every aspect of your order, including shape, size, color, material, supports and company branding. Touch screen table kit comes in a variety of sizes. The tables can be painted any color on the color wheel. These multi touch tables are the perfect way to get people interacting with your content.

      The Table is a complete LED HD Multi touch interactive surface solution that integrates the latest touch screen technology into a collaborative table.
      The table delivers a unique user experience, where the physical and digital worlds blend. Encouraging interaction and exploration, our multi touch tables are guaranteed to draw a crowd and retain that crowd for a longer time! All housed in a sleek, stylish but sturdy aluminium-constructed table.

      Ideal for reception and foyer areas, waiting rooms, customer relations reception, dining hall, coffee areas and many more diverse applications. users can customize their own experience and remain in control of which content they see by using natural gestures such as pinch, zoom and drag. With a bright, clear LED screen, the Elpro Technologies Table provides a large working surface area allowing several users to collaborate from any angle.Available with up to 32 touch points, a discrete PC housing and variable leg heights available to suite all requirements, the Multi Touch Table creates real impact in all situations.

      Some of the features are listed below,

      Sturdy Aluminium Design – Aluminium ensures a solid but lightweight structure
      Cable Management – Integrated cabling allows for clean, uninterrupted finish and gives increased safety
      Discreet PC Cage – Lockable option giving you peace of mind for your technology
      Integrated USB Connections – Includes 4 USB ports accessible from the sides of the table
      Discreet Power Outlets – Integrated on the inside of the table are 4 power outlets for connecting your PC, screen and anything you want Many More

      Interactive Touch

      Interactive Touch Foil technology is used to get touch-sensitive glass surfaces, interactive display and can be used in any non-metallic surface. The Touch Foil are the best way to built interactive displays, kiosks and interactive tables, multimedia kiosks or touch LCD or LED display. Through glass interactive touch foils to work in conjunction with LCD/LED monitors (PCAP technology). Interactive Touch Foil transforms any glass or acrylic surface into a touch screen making them the ideal choice for interactive window displays. The optically clear touch foil is manufactured with an electrostatic cling liner laminated to the surface, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary installations. The interactive touch foil is equipped by a sensitive capacitive touchscreen, which can change a projection surface or a large-format display into a sensitive touch interface. A touch film can be used in combination with a projection film to make up an interactive shop window. The film can also be used as an architecture component of administrative buildings.

      Multi-Touch Functionality – With up to 40 simultaneous touch points, you and your friends or coworkers can interact with the same surface at the same time without interfering with each other.
      Interact Through Glass – Turn your glass storefront window or an acrylic projection screen into an interactive touch screen experience.
      Single USB Connection – With a single connection to your PC, getting your Touch Foil set up is simple. All you have to do is plug one end into your PC and the other end into the board on your Touch Foil.
      Multiple Operating Systems – We like giving you options when choosing the platform to use with your Touch Foil – Windows 7/8/10 or Ubuntu.
      Mounting Options – We offer an adhesive mounting method and removable mounting for Touch Foils. Adhesive mounting is great for touch tables and kiosks while removable is perfect for retail and storefront projects.
      Easy Shipping – Touch Foils come rolled in a tube so shipping is cost effective. Everything you need to install comes with it along with a disk with drivers, USB cable and installation guides.

      Touch Foil technology is amazing in that all of the components are installed safely behind the glass, acrylic, or other surface while allowing people to engage the screen through the surface by touching the surface itself from the other side. Touch Foil is approximately the thickness of a piece of card stock paper, and although it is commonly referred to as touch foil, it is more appropriately called a touch film as it closely resembles a film rather than a foil.

      An Interactive Touch Foil is almost completely transparent in color and can be installed with a holographic rear-projection film for use as a holographic touch screen on glass. Touch Foil technology is connected to the computer with a standard mini USB cable. Once you have installed the touch screen film on the glass or plexiglass, simply connect the board of the Touch Foil to the computer with the supplied cable.